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Profit Protect by Nova Costs

...maximising profit retention

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Solicitor - Client assessments are significantly different to inter partes assessments. They have their own set of rules!

Solicitors who don't adhere to those rules can see an irreparable dent in their profit costs, so it's worth getting on board with the rules to ensure you maximise your profit retention. 

There is an increasing number of clients challenging their solicitor's costs. Whether it is the number of hours spent, the hourly rates or - where we're seeing a notable increase - a challenge to the level of success fee taken from a client's damages in CFA cases, managing your position is imperative to maximising your profit retention.


We are experienced legal costs experts. We know the rules and understand their importance. We also understand the importance of retaining as much of your profit costs as possible.

That's why we have developed profitprotect, a service dedicated to solicitor - client costs and to ensuring that you, the solicitor, are equipped to defend any challenge to your costs; and to maximise how much you get paid for the hard work you do.

Contact us to see how we can help. Whether you already have a challenge by a client or if you simply want some general advice, call or email us today. We're here to help. 

Call: 0161 276 2000


Profit Protect by Nova Costs

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