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Digitisation and Archiving

Filing for more efficiency

Time was when the legal profession was awash with paper files, making it time-consuming and awkward to archive cases – not to mention wasteful of resources. But using the latest technology we can help you make substantial cost and time savings, and reduce your carbon footprint – simply by digitising paper files once damages are settled, with an indexing framework to suit you.

The benefits are easy to see:

  • Digitised files are more quickly and easily recovered
  • Copies of digitised files are securely and confidentially retained
  • Digitised files don’t need to travel by road or rail between offices
  • Digitised files don’t need expensive archiving in-house or with an external storage company
  • No more waiting for files ‘to be returned from archives’ – digitised files are available 24/7
  • Digitised documents are legally admissible evidence – (BSI) BIP 0008
  • At Nova Costs, every file is processed using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. This means that searching for information in any file is as simple as typing in a search term