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Legal Costs Drafting

Accurate, appropriate and amicable – an altogether more professional approach

There are some law firms out there that tarnish everyone else. Ones that manipulate hourly rates, inflate bills or include solicitor own client work; and by doing so, they’ve not only alienated insurance companies, but also tainted our industry. That’s why we won’t work with them.

Instead, our Intelligent Billing takes a wholly different, more professional approach. In fact, for ‘intelligent’, read ‘sensible’.

We see the paying party not as ‘the opposition’, but as our ‘negotiating partner’ – someone we want to do business with. Our team – who have a wealth of experience in drafting all sizes and types of bills, including for the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court – will always carry out a realistic appraisal of the costs before they’re submitted, including the appropriate hourly rate. And by producing such an accurate bill, the insurance companies are usually more willing to settle quickly (only if we face an unreasonable stance would we advise a detailed assessment).

We make the whole process easier too. Bills can be uploaded to our customer portal for you to electronically sign, and our fees are refunded by the paying party.