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Management Control

Nova Costs works on your behalf to recover your costs quickly and efficiently, while you focus on growing your business. So effectively, you have all the advantages of dealing with cases in-house but none of the management issues of setting up a costs wing.

You can rest assured there’s no ‘honeymoon period’ either; we look at our working relationships for the long-term. That’s why we put certain measures in place, like a Service Level Agreement that includes minimum service standards and targets so we both know exactly what to expect – and whether we’re achieving it.

And the technology we use really puts you in control. From electronic instruction to final settlement, it allows you to monitor each individual case online in real time. It also enables you to produce instant reports, so you can see precisely where service levels and targets are being met.

In fact, ours is the only case management system that puts you in complete control by letting you design your own reports.