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Intelligent Billing

When we draft or negotiate a Bill of Costs, we believe being honest and fair really does pay dividends. For everyone. And you wouldn’t believe what a difference it can make to your business.

We’ll make sure all time is counted, justified and presented in such a way that it’s a fair representation of the work done. Because of that – and our reputation for fairness within the industry – our Bills of Costs are agreed and paid much quicker than the inflated bills of less scrupulous firms.

Even better, your reputation with the insurance companies on which you depend is enhanced too – and if there is any dispute over the bill, we’ll step in and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

The benefits? They’re easy to see:

  • Your costs are paid within weeks, helping your cash flow
  • You won’t spend extra unbilled time resolving a dispute, so you can maximise your fee earnings and improve your business margins
  • You’ll quickly gain a reputation with insurance companies and within the legal industry for being transparent and fair

Here’s an example to show how it’s a ‘win-win’.

Solicitor A submits a Bill of Costs for £25,000, which is disputed and settled 6 months later at £12,000. Result: poor cash flow and smaller margins, as the solicitor has to spend additional unbilled time resolving the disputed bill.

Solicitor B, with Nova Costs, submits a Bill of Costs for £15,000, which is accepted at £12,000 and settled within 3 weeks. Result: strong cash flow and better margins for the solicitor, with no additional time spent.